Aelle Ables

Aelle is a speculative fiction writer who also indulges in a ghost story when an odd one comes to mind. She lives in North Texas with her husband and daughter, 4 cats, 2 dogs and a backyard full of birds. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Business Computers, and she spent several years as a DB2 data base administrator for a bunch of Fortune 500 companies. Leaving that behind, she now writes full-time, when time allows. Her latest publication was in Alien Skin Magazine’s August/September 2007 issue, a story called “The Potion Maker”. She likes to play online computer games, feed the birds, work crossword puzzles, walk in the woods and watch thunderstorms.

Jerry J. Davis

The son of an inventor, a journalist kicked out of journalism class, and a computer technologist with a vivid imagination, Jerry’s publications include the novel TRAVELS (iPublish, 2001) and the stories “Justification” and “The Penalties of Pirating,” both of which appeared in Aboriginal Science Fiction Magazine. “Justification” was also translated to Dutch and printed in Visionair SF Magazine in the Netherlands. You can find out more than you’d ever want to know about Jerry at his website Blind Optimism or email him at me@jjdavis.net.

Elizabeth Hardage

I write fantasy, science fiction and the occasional horror story, as well as poetry. My poem “Galatea” was published in the November/December 2001 issue of Star*Line and I have sold two poems to The Magazine of Speculative Poetry. For the last two years I’ve helped moderate the Science Fiction Writers Workshop on AOL.

Derek James

By virtue of fate, Derek James lives in Dallas, Texas. He works by day as a technical writer for a huge gray corporation, and at night he scribbles his dreams on paper. His story “A Piece of Bamboo” has been published at Strange Horizons. He can be found on the web at http://www.derekjames.net, and contacted at blue5432@yahoo.com.

Jake Kerr

Jake Kerr began writing short fiction in 2010 after fifteen years as a music industry columnist and journalist on digital media. His first published story, “The Old Equations,” was named a finalist for the Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award. In 2012, he will return to Lightspeed magazine with his story “Requiem in the Key of Prose.” He also has a new story forthcoming in Fireside Magazine.

A graduate of Kenyon College with degrees in English and Psychology, Kerr studied under writer-in-residence Ursula K. Le Guin and Peruvian playwright Alonso Alegria. Kerr lives in Dallas, Texas, where he is working on his first novel.

Paul Lamarre

Paul Lamarre is originally from Connecticut but has found a new home in Texas with his wife and three kids. He served in the Navy as a nuclear mechanical operator spending many months at sea tucked away in the engine room of the USS MISSISSIPPI. He has degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Marketing. He writes speculative fiction and loves science fiction most of all. Known by friends as “Paul red shirt” his main goal is to survive the next away mission, or at least get through with minimal damage.

Robert Pickering

A reformed programmer and graduate of the Odyssey 2002 workshop, Robert fought off his friends’ advice to take up writing until just a few years ago. He’s spent most of that time recovering from the shock that comes with finding out how hard it really is to write something people will pay money for. Under the pen name “Robert Trentus” he’s published (farce) fantasy at Dragonlaugh. His one try at SF sold to another site. . .but they didn’t pay like they said they would, so no free plug.

Send him mean e-mails at robertpickering@attbi.com.

Shawn Scarber

Shawn’s fiction is all over the genre map. He writes dark fantasy pieces that you’ll find in places like Strange Horizons, romantic windup bird flash pieces in Abyss & Apex, as well as dark humor in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. He also has a number of fiction and non-fiction works in collections, anthologies, and e-zines. He occasionally writes for his blog shawnscarber.com, but he is most active on Facebook and Twitter. When he’s not writing fiction, he’s writing mobile and web applications for telecom, finance, and marketing firms. He lives with his artist/illustrator daughter, is a servant to one prissy cat, and likes to lift weights.

Laura Seaborn

Laura waited for the aliens at Manchu Piccu on the Millennium. Only the President of Peru with his heavily armed body guard arrived. (I’ve a story there.) Giving the aliens another chance, Laura visited Rosewell, NM. Laura’s decided the aliens have already arrived, and live amongst us. Surely you suspect a few.

Being a CPA, the creative juices of Laura’s mind simmered for twenty years suppressed by a hard shell of accounting principles and tax codes. A crack in the shell allowed a seepage of imagination that swelled to a raging torrent. (Well, raging something.) This spewage became a fantasy thriller trilogy, now in revision. Combining a love of history with fantasy, Laura just completed a YA fantasy time travel novel. She also writes short stories, dabbling in science fiction and horror — Beware the SHELL.

Jeff Turner

Jeffrey Turner grew up in Michigan, though he spent a good deal of his time in more exotic locales such as Narnia and Middle Earth. His first two novels, DRAGON’S BANE AND GOSSAMER and THE HUNDREDTH MAGIC will be available later in 2002. He now works for Microsoft and lives in Fort Worth with his wife Kerry, his daughter Merry and his two biggest fans, Shiloh and Cinder. When he’s not writing Jeff plays ice hockey, juggles, and travels to SFF conventions around the U.S.

Kyle White

Kyle White, a native Texan and proud of it, writes dark speculative fiction. Once mistaken as a youth minister due to his quiet demeanor, people are often surprised by the twisted notions that appear in his writing. In fact, his sister refuses to read his work — but still loves him. His stories have appeared in Cemetery Dance, AlienSkin, Sonar4 and the anthology From the Mouth. His goal is to break into the professional — and higher paying — markets before the zombie apocalypse.