Future Classics currently has two anthologies available in both ebook and print format.

Tales From a Lone Star: A Future Classics Anthology (Volume One)

Hungry aliens. Futuristic shoppers. Veteran spacers. Medical androids. Killer teddy bears. Janitors with raptor DNA. And now, they’re all in one book.

Tales From a Lone Star is the first anthology from the Future Classics speculative fiction writers group of North Dallas. Featuring fourteen stories from members such as Nebula nominee Jake Kerr (“The Old Equations”) and 2012 Writers of the Future winner William Ledbetter (“The Rings of Mars”), TALES FROM A LONE STAR ranges from near future SF to a post-apocalyptic world run by zombies.

“Requiem in the Key of Prose” by Jake Kerr
“Teddy Bears and Tea Parties” by S. Boyd Taylor
“The Fowler’s Daughter” by Michelle Muenzler
“Last House, Lost House” by William Ledbetter
“The Ballad of Smokin’ Dad Harlan” by C.A. Rose
“Domalon-a-Ding-Dong” by Paul Lamarre
“Windows” by Gloria Oliver
“Le Gardien” by Melanie Fletcher
“A Distant Sound of Hammers” by S. Boyd Taylor
“The Tower” by Gloria Oliver
“They Gather in the Green” by Michelle Muenzler
“Worthy” by C.A. Rose
“A Touch of Ginger” by Melanie Fletcher
“Medic!” by William Ledbetter

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A Lone Star in the Sky: A Future Classics Anthology (Volume Two)

The Texans are at it again!

A man sent to stop the world’s first zero-G birth. A deep space pilot who runs headlong into Einstein’s theory of relativity. A synthetic human fighting for survival in a world that sees her as disposable. All these stories and more can be found in A LONE STAR IN THE SKY, the second anthology from the Future Classics speculative fiction writers’ group of North Dallas. Featuring eighteen stunning stories of science fiction and fantasy, including works by Nebula winner William Ledbetter (“The Long Fall Up”), and Nebula nominees Jake Kerr (“Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince”) and Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (“The Orangery”), A LONE STAR IN THE SKY covers the gamut of speculative fiction and proves once again that everything is bigger in Texas.

“The Rings of Mars” by William Ledbetter
“Afterimage” by J. Kathleen Cheney
“Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince” by Jake Kerr
“The Damaged” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
“The Lotus Eaters” by Michelle Muenzler
“Surfing USA” by Gloria Oliver
“The River of Lost Souls” by C.A. Rose
“Ghosts To My Fingertips” by Rachelle Harp
“Kosher Beef” by Rook Riley
“The Lark Ascending” by Melanie Fletcher
“The Life Expectancy of Cockroaches” by Michelle Muenzler
“The Wanderers” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
“The Long Fall Up” by William Ledbetter
“The Queen Lorellai” by Gloria Oliver
“On Trial” by Rachelle Harp
“Lost in Whitby” by Melanie Fletcher
“Taking a Mile” by J. Kathleen Cheney
“The Old Equations” by Jake Kerr

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